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2 Huge Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding this Fall

May 31, 2023

2 Huge Signs You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding this Fall

It’s easy to let time pass by without realizing your siding is in desperate need for replacement. Sometimes, the signs you need to replace your siding aren’t even that clear. I want to go over a couple of signs that it might be time to replace your home’s siding this fall.

1. You have water damage

If you have wood siding, water can swell, crack, and rot your siding. If you have stucco, water can be detrimental to the foundation of your home. If you have stucco siding, there are some tests you can run to test if there is any trapped moisture under your siding. You can also check around the windows for stucco tears, black streaks caused by water damage. With wood siding, you’ll see the planks swelling a bit with cracks and other areas forming for water to slip into.

2. You don’t love the design anymore

Wood and vinyl siding fade, warp, crack, etc. The aesthetics of this siding won’t last and it leaves a lot of homeowners wanting to redo their siding after no time at all. Fall brings change, making it the perfect time to update your home’s style, especially with the comfortable temperatures coming around, making it easier to work. Try fiber cement for a long lasting, reliable siding that will keep it’s look for the long term.

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