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Marvin Ultimate Clad Windows

May 31, 2023

3 Advantages of Marvin Ultimate’s Extruded Aluminum Clad Exterior Finish

The Marvin Ultimate window is the strongest window of the three lines and the superior choice over wood or vinyl. Let’s talk about 3 of the big advantages that the extruded aluminum exterior offers.

1. Marvin Ultimate windows meet the AAMA’s toughest 2605 Standard

This means that the extruded aluminum clad exterior, under the weathering of Southern Florida, is tested to retain color and gloss and resistant weathering and erosion more efficiently than Wood, vinyl, fiberglass, etc. So if you live in the NJ or PA area, your window has the potential to last for decades because the environment isn’t as extreme.

2. The customizability of Marvin’s clad windows

When creating your custom window, you have the choice between 19 of Marvin’s colors, but it actually doesn’t stop there. You can even use your own custom color. When you’re really trying to make your house your own, having this much freedom and customizability is a really awesome thing. And since the exterior is so color retaining and weathering resistant, that color you choose should stay true for years to come.

3. Marvin’s extruded aluminum exterior is resistant to rot, bug infestations, and cracking

One of the major problems you see with wood and vinyl windows is that in the summer and winter, with the temperature changes, the window will expand, contract, warp, and eventually crack. This allows for moisture and bugs to find their way in causing tons of damage. The great thing about having such a strong window is that you won’t really see those problems. Extruded Aluminum is more resistant to warping and cracking and won’t rot from moisture damage.

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