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3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows This Fall

May 31, 2023

3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows This Fall

I can already feel it; the weather is getting cooler and cooler. As fall and winter quickly approaching, homes with drafty windows are going to start getting uncomfortable cold and will need to crack up the heat just to keep it comfortable.

Let’s go over 3 simple reasons you should replace your windows this fall.

1. Your windows are failing

If your window has a draft, you definitely want to get it replaced before winter. Aside from the cold air getting into your home, cracks and chips are prime openings for moisture to get in. If you have vinyl windows, this means mold and if you have wood windows, this means mold and rot.

There are quick temporary fixes like thermal curtains and draft stoppers but they are only temporary and will only be partially effective. If the seal is broken and the insulative gas has escaped the window, it’s like having a big hole in your wall and should be replaced with a more reliable window.

2. The weather is more comfortable to work in

Compared to the blazing summer heat or the biting winter cold, fall weather is perfect. This means our installers don’t have to face weather-related obstacles and can be more comfortable on the job. This helps efficiency and comfort.

3. It’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade

It’s always a good time to upgrade. In the fall, your approaching a time where you can save a lot on your heating costs, so replacing windows now is a perfect time to upgrade. This means you can get that design you’ve wanted that perfects your home’s style, you can boost performance, and improve your home’s energy efficiency all in one window replacement.

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