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3 Signs You Really Should Replace Your Windows this Fall

May 31, 2023

3 Signs You Really Should Replace Your Windows this Fall

Sometimes we forget that our vinyl and wood windows’ performance tends to decline over time. We might feel a draft in our home but not really connect it to a broken seal of the window. I want to talk about 3 big signs that your windows are failing and why this fall is the perfect time to replace them.

1. You feel a draft

Drafts can make a room very uncomfortable but they can also make heating and cooling your home cost a bit extra. If there is a crack in your frame or the windows seal is broken and cool air can slip inside in the winter or escape in the summer, you’ll have to crack up your heating and cooling systems to compensate. With winter approaching, you don’t want a drafty window.

2. Your wood window is rotting

When wood windows are exposed to moisture, they’ll swell, but sometimes the water spreads and rots the wood around the window. This can lead to drafts, mold and health hazards, and really expensive replacements. Worst case, the rot and mold spread further than just the window. If your wood windows are rotting, now is the perfect time to replace them before it gets too cold.

3. Your wood or vinyl windows are cracking

When wood swells, it can crack and both wood and vinyl expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold weather. With winter right around the corner, this can be an issue. Cracks cause drafts, give easy access for moisture to seep in, and are the root of performance issues.

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