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Marvin Infinity Window Installation

May 31, 2023

3 Ways to Prepare for and Save on a Marvin Infinity Window Installation

Replacing your windows isn’t cheap, especially when you’re upgrading to a better material and you have a lot of windows that need replacement. The cost of the total project might be a little larger than it is manageable, so I wanted to put together a couple ways you can soften the blow and make the project a little easier o take on financially.

Installing Fiberglass Where You Need it

What I mean by this is that one of the key benefits to Marvin Infinity’s fiberglass frame is that it’s much more resistant to expansion, contraction, warping, fading, or cracking when exposed to hot and cold weather or direct sunlight. With this in mind, if you install higher quality vinyl windows in an area or on a wall that doesn’t hit direct sunlight or as much light, you might be able to save some money on that front. Though the frame and style difference might be noticeable, you might be able to get away with installing fiberglass windows in certain places and a high-quality vinyl elsewhere.

Breaking the Project into Phases

One massive window project replacing dozens of windows can come with an intimidating bill. Sometimes it helps to break up the project into bite-sized pieces. I’d suggest starting with priority rooms like the living room or bedrooms and then when you’re ready to take on another couple of windows go at it. The key is taking on the project at your own pace, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Remembering the Long-Term Savings

if you’re dead set on giving all of your windows the top quality that Marvin Infinity offers, you should remember the big benefits you’re getting from these windows. Yes, they cost a bit more than vinyl, but they’re much more energy efficient and have a longer lifecycle. This means, you’ll be saving money on heating and cooling costs and you won’t have to worry about replacing your windows for a very long time. You can set that stress on the back burner for a long while.

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