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3 Ways to Reduce the Sound From Your Noisy Neighbors

May 31, 2023

3 Ways to Reduce the Sound From Your Noisy Neighbors

People have tons of reasons for installing new windows, siding etc. Sometimes their existing materials are just failing and sometimes they want a new style. I wanted to put together a few tips on renovating your home to reduce the outdoor noise that enters your home without sacrificing design or performance.

Here are 3 tips to reduce the noise coming from your loud neighbors.

1. Marvin’s Sound Reducing Glass

Marvin offers several types of specialty glass. You can choose the tempered and laminated options, which not only reduce some of the noise coming through your window but also have strength emphasized in the glass.

The best option to fight off outdoor noise might be Marvin’s Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class (STC/OITC) Glass. So what this really means is that the glass panes are thicker and help to reflect sound waves. The good thing is that this feature is available with all Marvin Infinity windows, so you’re not limited with customization.

2. Insulated Vinyl Siding

One study showed that insulated vinyl siding can reduce external sounds by up to 39%. How this works is that the sound outside causes the building’s materials to vibrate and sounds to come through. So thinner materials and open spaces allow for easy sound transmission. Insulated vinyl siding alone is a good way to reduce these vibrations, but you could also consider adding more insulation to your home. That will not only boost the noise reduction properties of your home but also help with retaining heat and lowering energy costs.

3. Optimize Your Doors

Another area you can look at is your doors. First, you’d want to make sure your door is solid, rather than hollow. This will help to prevent excess sounds from moving through the door.

In most cases, however, a lot of the noise typically finds a way around the door itself, it could be a good idea investing in extra weatherstripping. Some thick foam tape might actually do the trick.

To conclude

When it comes to noisy neighbors, luckily, there are a couple ways you can easily reduce some of that racket. Insulation and insulated vinyl siding, specialty Marvin Infinity windows, and optimizing your door are three great areas to start to possibly make the biggest impact.

For a completely free estimate on how we can help reduce the sounds entering your home, give us a call today.

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