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4 Different Types of Metal Roofing

May 31, 2023

4 Different Types of Metal Roofing

4 Different Types of Metal Roofing

If you’re considering a metal roof for your home, you’re making a smart decision. Compared to other alternatives, metal roofing is durable, stylish, affordable, and energy efficient. In just about every category that really matters to homeowners, metal roofing provides an advantage.

After committing to a metal roof, it’s important to consider what kind. Metal roofing is available in four distinct types, each with its own unique features and benefits. Dive into the details to determine what type of metal roof is best for your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

This is one of the most popular types of metal roof, and for several good reasons. It is stylish on homes regardless of their age or style. It is highly durable and provides lots of protection from leaks and insect infestation. The only real drawback to this option is that it is more expensive than some other types of metal roof. What you end up saving in maintenance, repairs, and utilities can help to recoup this cost, but it will still be necessary to make a more substantial upfront investment.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles offer the same kinds of benefits as all metal roofs, plus they are a big improvement over asphalt shingles. These materials can stand up to decades of abuse, do not leach chemicals into rain runoff, keep more of your valuable HVAC inside the home, and come in lots of colors besides brown and black. What is appealing about this option to most homeowners is that it offers the performance of metal but the style of a traditional shingled roof.

Metal Slate Roof

A slate roof gives any home a tastefully-classic look and an upscale feel overall. The only problem is that natural slate is expensive and heavy. Metal slate costs 2-3 times less and is 10X lighter. As a result, you spend less on the product and don’t have to take on the extra cost of reinforcing your roofing structure. If you want to stand out without breaking your budget, this is an option that deserves your consideration.

Metal Tile

Much like slate, a tile roof is unmistakably different and elevates the aesthetics of everything around it. Unfortunately, also like slate, tile is heavy and expensive. It is also easy to damage and hard to repair. Metal tile gives you the look of traditional ceramic tile at a fraction of the cost. You can choose from a variety of colors, and the installation time is shorter than almost any kind of roofing material.

You can’t go wrong with any of these option. But ultimately you will need to settle on one or another. Think about the look you want to achieve, the look of the other homes in your neighborhood, and the look that is popular with homebuyers. Then think about your budget, and be sure to consult with a metal roofing expert. Last but certainly not least, have the metal roof installed, and start to enjoy all the benefits that come from having a new roof that is better in every way.

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