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4 Window Treatment Ideas for Arched Windows

May 31, 2023

4 Window Treatment Ideas for Arched Windows

4 Ideas for your Arch Top Window Treatments

Arch top windows do more than just let light into your home. They also serve as a bold design element that capture the eye and complement everything around them. Simply put, arched top windows are the kind of thing people notice from both the outside and inside of your home.

The only real drawback of this window style is that they are a little more difficult to pair with window treatments. Since they have a rounded rather than straight shape, many traditional windows treatments offer either too much or too little coverage.

In many ways this design challenge is part of the appeal. Arch top windows are something out of the ordinary, and their window treatments should be too. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or hire a professional decorator to get the kind of coverage you want. Here are several options to consider:

Put Up Arch Blinds
Unlike traditional blinds that open like an accordion, these blinds open like a fan. They are meant to cover the arched section at the top of the windows and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide just the right amount of coverage. This option may not be the easiest to open and close, but you still have control over how much light enters the space.

Hang Up Curtains
Besides the shape, arch top windows are just like any other type of windows. Put a set of curtains in front of them, and you immediately block out sunlight and prying eyes. With arch top windows you have two options. You can hang the curtains at the lower edge of the arch so that you cover most of the window but still let some light in through the arch. Or you can hang them at the upper edge of the arch and block the window out entirely.

Try Simple Folding Shades
If you want to think outside the box, why not put a folding shade in front of your arch top windows? You get the coverage you need when you want it. And when you want to let more light in you can simply remove the shade and store it elsewhere. This strategy saves you from having to buy expensive customized window treatments. Plus, the shades can add a striking design element to your home.

Decorate with Plants
If you want to add some privacy but are not worried about covering the window entirely, why not simply put a large, leafy plant on a table in front of the window? You block the view from the outside without covering up the arch that makes the window so distinct. Plus the plant is sure to get plenty of sunlight and give your home a fresh, natural look from the outside.

Do not let concerns over window treatments prevent you from getting arch top windows. These windows have a lot more advantages than disadvantages. Just make sure you work with a contractor who can help you find the right windows at the right price, then handle every step of the installation for you.

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