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Marvin ultimate window installation

May 31, 2023

5 Reasons Marvin Ultimate Windows Might be Right for your Home

As a company, Marvin has the highest standard for their windows. They don’t even offer a vinyl window. As great as that is, how do you know if the Marvin Ultimate line is right for your home? Here are 5 ways you’ll know.

Marvin ultimate windows

1. You have a unique home

The great thing about owning a home is having the freedom to make it uniquely yours. So why go for a cookie-cutter vinyl window when your home deserves so much more? Creating a custom window, tailored for your home will ensure the best fit and best performance.

2. You need a window tailored to a space

When it comes to choosing a window for your home specifically, Marvin Ultimate is the way to go. Sometimes you need to fill a space that isn’t the size of your typical vinyl window. Marvin Ultimate windows are made from scratch, so your new double hung window could be anywhere from 5’ wide to 10’ tall. No matter what size or shape window you need, a custom Marvin Ultimate window could be made to fit perfectly.

3. You like customization

The extruded aluminum exterior of your window can have a finish of literally any color you want. Marvin offers 19 colors or the option to create your own, making your new window truly yours. Not to mention the tons of variation with casements, interior finishes and stains, hardware, etc.

4. You want the strongest, most durable window

Whether you live in an area that demands a stronger window, an ocean environment where your home will face corrosive salty air, or you just prefer having a top quality window for your home, Marvin’s extruded aluminum is one of the strongest materials. It’s been tested to maintain color retention for decades.

5. You want an energy efficient window

Marvin’s performance glass is insulated with argon gas, which helps to reflect heat back to it’s source. This means your house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, ultimately saving you money or your energy bills.

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