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Are Black Metal Roofs Less Energy Efficient than Lighter Colors?

May 31, 2023

Are Black Metal Roofs Less Energy Efficient than Lighter Colors?

A black standing seam metal roof has a unique charm to it and that look can work with tons of home styles and match with just about any siding option.

We know that darker colors tend to absorb more heat than lighter colors, so how does this work in the summer? Will your black metal roof absorb more heat and make the house hotter?

Let’s talk about it.

Do Black Standing Seam Metal Roofs Make Your House Hotter in the Summer?

Based on my research, a black metal roof does have the potential to absorb more heat in the summer, but there are a lot of factors to consider. For one, we’d have to look at your roof’s insulation and ventilation. The longer the roof is exposed to direct sunlight, the more heat it absorbs and the more likely it is to transfer that heat. With insulation, you can prevent a lot of that heat from passing into the attic and with ventilation, you can help to manage the heat.

Also, if we avoid direct contact with the roof, the metal roof will have less of a chance to transfer heat through the rood. Typically, spacing the metal roof ¼” to 1” should reduce the amount of heat that transfers into the home.

So yes, a black metal roof will absorb more heat in the summer than a lighter color roof, but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing the color that you want. There are always simple ways to counter the heat transfer with insulation and that same idea applies in the winter. Your roof will reflect the home’s heat back down helping to keep your home warm.

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