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Boast style with a metal roof portico

May 31, 2023

Boast style with a metal roof portico

Whether your home already boasts metal roofing or you’re looking to incorporate it into your home, you can further enhance the aesthetic by having a portico constructed.

Not only will you be able to expand the visual element of metal roofing, but you and your family will also enjoy plenty of functionality. The doorway will be safe from inclement weather and provide more coverage from sunlight.

Decide the scope
Whereas a metal roof has its limitations in terms of size, a portico can simply cover the doorway, or it can stretch down the walkway, providing more coverage and adding a touch of elegance to your home. Speak to a metal roofing contractor to figure out costs and assess the portico size that would best fit your lifestyle and your house’s design.

Add more metal
If you already have a metal roof, then you know about its many benefits

. Why not bring these advantages into other exterior areas of the home? You won’t have to worry about shoveling the walkway in the winter anymore when you have a long portico constructed. In the summertime, you’ll have more shade to protect you from the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about installing a metal roof or simply want to try it out on a portico, you’ll love the visual effect. Standing seam metal roofing provides stark lines that will draw attention to your new addition right away.

Find the right color
Chances are, you’ll want to match the portico color to that of your existing roof. Doing so can be especially important for larger porticos. After all, you want to enhance the aesthetics. However, if you’re looking for some contrast to encourage passersby to look over your entire home, consider a shade that’s slightly lighter or darker than your roof.

If you have a warm roof color, such as red or orange, think about having the portico roof painted a metallic copper. This will introduce an entirely new element into your exterior design without breaking away from the overall look.

Regardless of what size or color you choose for your new portico, your new feature and its gorgeous roofing will be the topic of conversation in the neighborhood for weeks to come.

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