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Choose metal shingles over traditional ones for your new home

May 31, 2023

Choose metal shingles over traditional ones for your new home

You’ve probably heard about the numerous advantages that metal roofing has over just about any other material. Affordability is only the beginning. Metal roofing is a lightweight option that’s perfect for any climate and weathers well, even against the worst of tropical storms, nor’easter snowfalls and arid environments. It’s also entirely noncombustible, which means that your home is safer from risk of fire than ever before.

First and foremost, for many folks seeking out a metal roof contractor, this home option is entirely green. Residential metal roofing not only offers great energy efficiency by reflecting the UV rays that overheat your home and overwork the air conditioner, the materials used in your roof’s creation are recycled materials. You can even redo your existing roof without contributing a ton of waste to landfills like re-shingling normally would.

However, homeowners considering metal roofing might flip-flop when it comes to the aesthetics. After all, traditional homes have had old-fashioned forms of roofing for ages, and the metal look can appear too commercial or clean for some tastes. Luckily, that’s where metal shingles come in.

Metal shingles have all the benefits of metal roofing wrapped up into a stylishly traditional package. They’re lightweight, require minimal maintenance and can be designed to match a variety of home styles. Made from aluminum or galvanize steel, metal shingles won’t rust or corrode with time and weather. Metal Roof NJ

offers two premier varieties of metal shingles that are sure to interest homeowners.

Stone-coated metal shingles
For homes that really want a traditional look, stone-coated metal shingles are the way to go. The strong zinc aluminum covering shields 26-gauge steel shingles so you can rest assured your shingles will last for ages. A triple-coat finish guarantees that each stone-granule on your new shingles will stay in place, and the fact that your material is entirely non-porous will lower the risk of mold or mildew. These shingles also stand up strong to 120-mph winds.

KYNAR-coated metal shingles
These trendy options still have a traditional look, but use embossed texture to add more character to your roof. They come in 10 standard colors, including classics like Mission Red, Forest green, Rocky Grey, Redwood and Slate Grey , and these shingles also feature concealed fasteners that have four-way interlocks that add to weather tightness. However, the real draw of KYNAR-coated metal shingles will be for the green-minded homeowners looking to drastically reduce energy costs in the home. They KYNAR 500 paint finish on each shingle is designed to reflect infrared UV rays, which reduces color damage to your roof but also keeps your home cooler and more comfortable than ever, even in the midst of summer.

Consider how the realistic effects of a granulated top-coat and weatherproofing benefits of metal shingles could improve the roofing on your house. You’re sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

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