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Choosing a Door for Your Georgian Style Home

May 31, 2023

Choosing a Door for Your Georgian Style Home

When renovating your home and trying to maintain an authentic-looking design, there are typically several best practices as well as some areas with room for flexibility. When it comes to choosing an entry door the same ideas apply.

Georgian homes have a couple of design themes that trickle from the home into the entry door. For example, you can often see multi-paned windows and a sense of symmetry with these homes. These two themes can be applied to your entry door for an authentic look, but you’re not limited to just them

Choosing a Material and Design for Your Georgian Entry Door

In terms of your materials, I would suggest a ProVia Embarq fiberglass door. The most authentic material would be wood, but wood entry doors typically require a lot of maintenance and can be very costly. The Embarq is a low-maintenance option that has very realistic wood finishes, is one of the most energy efficient doors on the market, and has all of the design options you need to add on an authentic-looking door for your Georgian home.

In terms of design, if you’re looking in the direction of authenticity, I’d go with something that shows symmetry either with the door panel profile or with sidelites and transoms. It’s not uncommon to see some beautiful Georgian homes with sidelites and transoms, half moon or any other style. You could even use glass panels on your door that match your windows. That’s another way to play with some Georgian themes to get a unique, authentic look.

If you’re looking for more inspiration or a quote on a ProVia fiberglass entry door, give our experts a call today!

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