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Choosing a Window for Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance

May 31, 2023

Choosing a Window for Energy Efficiency and Low Maintenance

For a lot of homeowners, windows need to be energy efficient and require little maintenance; and it’s not too much to ask for these qualities, especially with all of your options of materials that are out on the market.

Which windows require the least maintenance?

It’s a tough question because every window material will require some degree of being taken care of so it will last it’s full expected life.

Vinyl and fiberglass windows are both great options for homeowners that want windows that don’t require as much maintenance. With both options, the bulk of what little maintenance you’d need to do is just inspecting the parts of the window, making sure it’s operating properly, and making small fixes like relubricating tracks and cleaning any built up dust or dirt around the window or on the glass.

If we’re considering lifespan as well, fiberglass windows can last up to 50 years, while vinyl only up to 30. However, fiberglass is a stronger material than vinyl, so in terms of resisting warping, cracking, and seal failure, fiberglass is the better choice. This means less time making repairs and replacing pieces down the line.

Which windows are the most energy efficient?

Vinyl and fiberglass windows both share some energy efficient qualities. For example, we can look at the glass. Some vinyl windows and every Marvin Infinity fiberglass window come equipped with argon-insulated glass. This helps prevent heat from passing through the glass by reflecting heat back it’s source. So in the winter, your home stays warmer and in the summer, it stays cooler.

One thing to bring back up is the strength of fiberglass over vinyl. Fiberglass doesn’t warp or crack nearly as easily as vinyl, so your seal will be very unlikely to break with a fiberglass window. If your seal breaks, the argon gas can escape and you’ll notice it in your energy bills.

To conclude

So when choosing a window that’s energy efficient and requires low maintenance, you do have a couple of options. Insulated vinyl windows and fiberglass windows both offer energy efficiency and easy maintenance options, but if you’re looking for reliability and something long lasting, I’d go with Marvin Infinity.

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