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Choosing an Entry Door on a Budget

May 31, 2023

Choosing an Entry Door on a Budget

When looking into new entry doors for your home, there are typically a couple of features that are must-haves; durability, security, and energy efficiency. Design will vary depending on company and material.

If your budget for an entry door is a little lower, you can still get all of these features. Let’s talk about how.

Best Entry Door for a Low Budget

If budget is a primary factor, you might not want to look into wood or fiberglass door. The ProVia Legacy steel door would be perfect though. For one, it’s one of the more durable options that puts an emphasis on security. The great thing about maximizing your durability is that no matter the climate or weather, your steel entry door will hold up. It can resist impacts from storm debris, etc.

The ProVia Legacy steel door is also very energy efficient. A computer-driven process ensures the entire door is filled with the energy efficient foam. This means less heat can move through the door, and since your entry door is basically just one big hole in the wall, an energy efficient option like the Legacy door is perfect.

You do get a lot of design options, just not as many as you would with wood or fiberglass. The Legacy gets 7 wood grain options and 16 paint finishes. With these finishes, you can get the perfect look for your home.

If you’re looking for a low-cost door that will still bring durability, energy efficiency, and some design customizability, the ProVia Legacy is perfect for you.

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