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Choosing a Marvin Infinity Door

May 31, 2023

Choosing Between a Marvin Infinity Inswing and Sliding Patio Door

When you’re considering a replacement or a new patio door installation, one of the big decisions you’ll have to consider is if you want a sliding patio door or one that swings. Both offer some key advantages as well as a variety of subtle design differences, while at the same time, both provide gorgeous designs and top-notch performance.

Let’s compare the two main type of patio doors.

The Main Differences Between the Infinity Inswing French Door and Sliding Patio

The biggest factor in deciding whether to go with a swinging or sliding patio door is the space you have. You need to remember that with a french inswing patio door, you’ll have to make sure there is enough space to open and close the door. If your floor plan doesn’t allow the space for the door to swing inward, a sliding patio door might be a better call. Since it slides, it takes up virtually no space.

Looking at general design differences, the French inswing patio door has a thicker frame, while the Infinity sliding patio door has a much thinner profile. This means the sliding patio door will allow more light in. Choosing based on design really is based on personal preference. The sliding patio door takes the emphasis off the door and more on the view outside, while the French inswing door has a bit more focus on the frame and design.

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