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Choosing New Siding When on a Budget

May 31, 2023

Choosing New Siding When on a Budget

Replacing your home’s siding can be expensive but for all homes, a time will come when it’s absolutely necessary. If you haven’t been putting money aside or preparing for a siding replacement, it can be very costly. Financing is always available, but we should also take a look at your options for saving a few bucks.

Which Siding Option is Both Cost-Effective and High-Quality?

When the budget is a bigger concern for your siding replacement, we may have to steer away from stone or fiber cement. Though they may be the most durable and long lasting, the costs will be a bit higher.

Vinyl siding is the cheapest but it may be a smarter decision to go for insulated vinyl. They are both on the cheaper end of siding materials but the difference in quality and durability between regular and insulated vinyl is very significant.

For one, the extra foam layer in insulated vinyl helps maintain a strong, shapen profile. Regular vinyl is flimsy and vulnerable to cracking and damage. This means whether insulated vinyl takes an impact from debris during a storm or a rock kicked up by a lawnmower, it will take much less damage than regular vinyl.

Aside from the durability factor, the extra layer of insulation also boosts energy efficiency. And I know this doesn’t make a difference regarding the upfront cost or replacing your siding, but down the line, you’ll see some savings on heating and cooling costs with insulated vinyl siding.

When it comes to choosing siding for your home while on a  budget, you have plenty of options. The one option where you may get the most value could be insulated vinyl. If you’d like a free estimate or to learn about financing options for your siding replacement, give our experts a call today!


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