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Choosing the Right Door for Your Colonial Home

May 31, 2023

Choosing the Right Door for Your Colonial Home

When you’re renovating your colonial home and you’re trying to keep it authentic, there are certain styles and looks that can work better with your house than others. This applies to your siding, roofing, windows, and even your front door.

The entry door is a major part of your home. You walk through it every day and it’s the first thing guests pass through when visiting your home.

Let’s talk about door style options that will give you an authentic colonial look.

Considering materials and designs for Your Colonial Home’s Door

Authentic Colonial doors were typically solid wood with 4 or 6 raised panels. It also wasn’t uncommon to see sidelight on both sides coupled with transoms and fanlights. However, over the years modern colonials have added new features and made new adjustments, especially with our access to new materials.

Now instead of solid wood doors, you can see more glass panels and intricate designs. It adds a sense of modern elegance to a traditional look.

One thing we should look at is the material you choose to use. Though wood is the authentic choice, you could go with a fiberglass or steel door with a wood finish for an authentic look, but with plenty more benefits. If we look at ProVia’s Embarq and Signet series, not only are the wood finishes stunningly realistic, but these fiberglass doors maximize the door’s energy efficiency, durability, and resistance to weathering.

Plus with ProVia’s fiberglass and steel doors, you have tons of door style and sidelite options. This means you have a lot of room for creativity and space to explore more authentic door combinations and compare them to more contemporary colonial looks.

To conclude

Your entry door is a major piece of your colonial home and whether you want to keep it authentic or add a touch of modern appeal to your traditional home, we are there to help.

For a totally free ProVia fiberglass or steel door installation, give us a call today.

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