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Comparing a Curved Metal Roof & a Low Slope Metal Roof

May 31, 2023

Comparing a Curved Metal Roof & a Low Slope Metal Roof

Rooftop of curved red corrugated iron on white background

Both curved metal roofs and low slope metal roofs each have distinct advantages when selected as a roofing option. According to Metal Construction, low slope metal roofs have been a preferred roofing choice for industrial and commercial buildings because of their ability to stave off certain climate elements, which includes allowing water to drain away from the roof surface, and to keep those underneath the roof safe and dry. Conversely, curved metal roofs feature more of a cosmetic component to their construction and thus when chosen in residential settings, have been the roof of choice.

Low Slope Metal Roof

Low slope roofs are heralded for their sustainability and longevity. Low slope roofs have been recognized for prolonged life cycles, low maintenance requirements and low costs to produce. This is largely attested to bountiful availability of resources which are used to construct or repair these roofs. There are copious quantities of materials available and thus are offered at economic prices. In addition, low slope metal roofs are often coated in acrylic and can be finished or painted to a customer’s specification. Typically, low-slope roofs are composed of interlocking panels, which again allows for installation, configuration and removal to be a rather easy process.

Curved Metal Roof

Curved metal roofs, also known as curved panel metal roofs, are known for their superior aesthetics and energy efficiency. Curved metal roofs are also a great compliment to “arched canopies and walkway covers.” In addition, curved metal roofs are excellent for inclement weather. It is rare for water or snow to pool on a curved metal roof like that of a flatter lower sloped service. In essence, the shape of the roofing option allows for all forms of precipitation to simply drain off at the curvatures, providing an excellent supplement to traditional gutters. Conversely, curved panel metal roofs are assembled through the integration of an advanced joint system which sometimes prolongs basic repair calls. In addition, installation of these products can be more painstaking compared to low slope roofs due to their engineering and complex composition.

As a whole, both roofs are excellent waterproofing options and are cited for their easy removal of snow, ice and debris. In addition, both structures offer immense support and are far more durable when compared to roofing options composed of other, less efficient materials. It is worth mentioning that while both styles of metal roofs are efficient, long-lasting and serviceable, that these roofs require appropriate attention and care like that of other competing roof materials. Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between a curved metal roof and a low slope metal roof, there are a few things to always keep in mind such as weather climate, use (commercial or residential), aesthetics, amount of maintenance required, as well as longevity.

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