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Decorate your home’s exterior for metal roofing

May 31, 2023

Decorate your home’s exterior for metal roofing

There are many benefits of metal roofing, which range in function and style. The sleek material provides a great aesthetic for your home. However, it’s important to balance your exterior decor to encourage neighbors and passersby to admire the entirety of your house, rather than just the roofing.

Play up the material
The first technique you can use is to take advantage of the visual appeal of metal. Look into interesting metal artwork that complements your home’s style. Before investing in a piece, make sure that the sculpture is meant for outdoor display, since Mother Nature can corrode or rust the material. By featuring the same medium throughout your home’s exterior, eyes will follow the visual cues, ensuring that the overall design of your entire house is appreciated.

Contrast the material
On the other hand, you can highlight your metal roofing’s material by using a completely different medium. Contrast the manmade sight of metal by featuring the natural look of wood. Be sure to take advantage of this material’s grain. Additionally, you’ll have to consider wood species and stains that best complement your home’s exterior. If the budget allows for replacement siding, you’ll also want to consider stone, which will bring in many shapes and shades.

Incorporate like colors
You likely spent a lot of time deciding on the color of your metal roof. Further embrace this choice by looking into outdoor art that uses the same color or a variance of it. Consider exploring different hues to give viewers a smooth visual transition. Alternatively, you can use the exact color of your roofing to create a stronger optical shift.

Work with the design
If you’ve invested in standing seam metal roofing, you’ve got plenty of strong lines to work with. Your siding probably offsets the vertical lines, but feature further contrast by looking into vertical wall art that will complement the metal roofing while contrasting the siding. This is an easy design to work with, which will enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Decorating your home’s exterior isn’t limited to wall art or freestanding sculptures. Furniture pieces are also essential to your house’s style. Remember to consider the strong look of your metal roof when shopping for outdoor chairs or tables. Designing your home’s exterior with your new roofing in mind will ensure that your home is appreciated as a whole.

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