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How Marvin Infinity’s Hardware Makes Things Easier

May 31, 2023

How Marvin Infinity’s Hardware Makes Things Easier

It’s really difficult to find a window that’s truly low-maintenance. Vinyl windows are marketed as no-maintenance but even they require upkeep. Marvin Infinity windows have hardware that makes opening and tilting the sash so much easier and smoother.

This can be a big deal for a lot of people. Keeping in mind that Marvin Infinity windows can be opened with one hand, this makes it much easier for older people and anyone who would struggle to open a vinyl or wood window when it’s swollen.

The Problem with Wood and Vinyl Windows

One big problem that we see with vinyl and wood window is their tendency to swell, expand, and contract. This can cause difficulty when trying to open the window. If someone can’t open and tilt their window, they won’t be able to properly maintain it. This could make the existing problems worse and lead to more damage.

How Marvin Infinity Windows Solve this Problem

There are a couple of ways that Infinity windows combat these issues. For one, fiberglass as a material naturally resists expansion, contraction, and swelling. This means there won’t be difficulty in opening and closing and tilting this window and with your double hung window, both sashes will slide effortlessly.

When it comes to actually tilting your window, it’s as simple as unlocking it, pulling a lever, and the sash will tilt. This makes cleaning and window maintenance so much easier than with wood or vinyl.

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