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How to Determine Best Hardware and Styling for Window Treatments

May 31, 2023

How to Determine Best Hardware and Styling for Window Treatments

How to Determine Best Hardware and Styling for Window Treatments

Window treatment ideas can quickly lead you down a rabbit hole of choices, which include fabric, color, function, style, price and other factors. Curtains. Rods. You can spend hours daydreaming about window treatments for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. With so many decisions to make, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, you can make the shopping experience fun and simple by prioritizing your needs. Here are a few things you can consider as you explore the world of window treatment styles and hardware.

What’s More Important: Privacy or Light

Window treatments are usually a trade-off between privacy and light — but sometimes you get both. Knowing what your priorities are for each room can help you to narrow down your options and style your windows accordingly.

For example, first-floor rooms that face a busy street may need window treatments with a more opaque fabric to screen out prying eyes. Because heavy drapes and curtains may not be everyone’s cup of tea during summer, homeowners can get creative and use a combination of plantation shutters and sheer to control privacy, while lending the room a breezy appeal.

Window Size & Room Compatibility

No window treatment option is suitable for every single room around the house, and why should it? Styling your windows is about striking a healthy balance between not only privacy and light, but also functionality and aesthetics.

Whereas your living room and bedroom windows may be spacious and huge in size, most kitchens and bathrooms have smaller windows that call for a completely different window treatment style. As HGTV shares, while fancy valances, witty roller shades, and stylish curtains are excellent treatment options, a designer film may give you the perfect solution for “those tiny powder rooms that feel too small even for a curtain.”

Materials & Color Tone: Create the Flair You Want

The type of fabric or material you choose can dramatically alter the appeal of your window. Heavier and thicker fabrics conjure a formal and sophisticated flair, while lighter and translucent fabrics (like the ones you find on sheers) tend to liven up the room with their airy and soft look. Elle Décor also adds that curtains with neutral colors are less likely to fade from sunlight exposure and can be tailored to easily complement your room décor.

For homeowners who are looking for something more organic in its appearance, natural woven shades in bamboo and matchstick can evoke the perfect textures of nature and wood. Bamboo is also a material that has become extremely popular for their sustainable, environmentally-friendly quality.

General Tips on Window Hardware Shopping

Hardware may be the last thing that crosses your mind, but what you pick can sometimes alter the overall feel of your window. In general, your standard choices of hardware include chrome, brass, bronze, and satin nickel. You can either choose the metal that harmonizes best with the color scheme of your décor or customize a bold color to create a pop-out, mischievous effect.

Additionally, carefully picking the style of your curtain finials can give your rod either a classic, embellished look or a sharp, clean touch. As Drapery Room Ideas adds, finials are made of various materials like clay, glass wood, copper, silver, brass, bronze and even plastic.

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