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How to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Entry Door

May 31, 2023

How to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Entry Door

Our entry doors are the first thing friends and family see when they visit our homes. More than that, they’re a crucial level of security and a source of your home’s energy efficiency. Let’s talk about a few ways to know it’s time to replace your entry door.

One way to know it’s time to replace your entry door is if it’s drafty. Wood doors can expand, contract, warp, and crack, which creates gaps and spaces for air to slip through. When your home’s warm air slips out in the winter, it means your heating system will have to work harder to keep the area warm. Ultimately, a drafty entry door can lead to higher heating and cooling costs.

As the door expands, contracts, and warps, it will become more difficult to operate. Aside from the potential for a draft, this is just annoying and inconvenient and can be easily avoided with a fiberglass or steel door.

Another sign it’s time is if you’re not happy with the look or it no longer matches your home. As you update your siding, windows, and roof, your door’s style might not work so well with the design anymore. Both ProVia’s fiberglass and steel door lines offer tons of design customization, plus they’re more durable and long-lasting than wood. On top of it all, they’re made with energy efficiency in mind.

So, is it time to replace your entry door? Give us a call today for ideas, thoughts, and a totally free estimate on a brand new entry door installation.

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