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Is it Time to Replace My Stucco with James Hardie Siding?

May 31, 2023

Is it Time to Replace My Stucco with James Hardie Siding?

Is it Time to Replace My Stucco with James Hardie Siding?


Scores of homeowners throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County have stucco for their home’s exterior, and although it may look good on the outside, there may be serious problems lingering beyond the surface. Stucco was originally designed for dry, southwestern climates; however, it became popular with home improvement professionals in the northeastern regions in the mid 90’s as an upscale alternative to vinyl. The main issue with stucco is that it does not breathe, so if there is any water infiltration behind your gutter or along the corners of your windows, your home can start to develop mold and mildew in between your walls. If not addressed in a timely manner, you can experience health risks in addition to costly mold remediation.

Here are a couple ways to determine if your home requires Stucco remediation and replacement:

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1) Talk to your neighbors:  This simple task can often get you your answer. Homes built in the same development by the same builder often have the same issues. If you see some of your neighbors replacing their stucco then it may be time for you to consider that option. Also, while the stucco is removed you can visually inspect to see if they have any rot, mold or mildew on the plywood.

2) Visual Inspect your Stucco:  As mentioned, the main problem areas for stucco leaks are near the eave of your roof as well as at the corners of your windows. Every Spring and Fall you should look for staining or discoloration of your stucco. That can be an early warning sign of more serious issues occurring.

3) Perform a Moisture Test: If you want something more accurate and definitive then it may be time to hire an inspection company to perform a moisture analysis. By using infrared technology, they can determine if there is moisture behind your stucco, not visible to the naked eye. Although this type of inspection is not cheap (roughly $400-$800), it can save you thousands in potential costs down the road.

Once you determine that you do indeed want to replace your stucco the next step is deciding what to replace it with. Many homeowners in Blue Bell and Doylestown choose James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding because it offers a high end look without the maintenance issues of wood or stucco.

Hera are a couple things to consider when replacing your stucco with James Hardie Siding:

1) Hire the Right Contractor: You want to make sure you hire a company that is both experienced in stucco remediation as well as a preferred installer of James Hardie Siding. At Global Home Improvement, we specialize in Stucco Remediation and unlike other remediation companies, we only use James Hardie factory trained installers, not subcontractors.

2) Choose the Right Design:  When it comes to James Hardie Siding, the design options are endless. With over 25 color options and sizes ranging in 4” exposure up to 8” exposure you may have a tough time picking the right one. That is why it is important to hire a company that can show pictures of similar jobs to help decide which option best fits your home.

3) Consider Adding Stone:  While you redo your siding, consider adding a stone accent to your home. You can add stone along your home’s foundation or around your front entryway to add an additional level of class and style.

4) Choose the Right Time: Since these projects are not “small”, by any means, it is important to do the install when the weather is nice. It typically takes 8-10 weeks to measure, plan and start the installation of your new Hardie Siding. From there it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete the project. Your best bet is to plan ahead.

For more information on Stucco Remediation and Replacement, contact Global Home Improvement today.

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