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Is It Too Late to Replace Your Asphalt Roof?

May 31, 2023

Is It Too Late to Replace Your Asphalt Roof?

Is it Too Late to Replace Your Asphalt Roof?

For many homeowners, the roof of the home is vital to the houses’s aesthetics and performance. A functional roof not only keeps the residents and your valuables safe, but also creates a comfortable living environment year-round. If your home is currently enclosed by an asphalt roof, you may be experiencing leaks, damage and other deterioations to your home, that it may finally be time to switch to an alternative.

Metal Roof as the Rising Star

For the longest time ever, asphalt shingles used to be your default roofing material. But that is no longer the case. Metal roofs are making a great and strong comeback — so much — that they are dominating the market and changing the trend. According to the St. Louis-based Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), “The residential metal roofing market has grown by double digits in the last five years.” The 2015 State of the Industry Report also finds an increased interest in metal roofing in both the commercial and residential markets. When interviewed by the Report, James Bush, vice president of sales and marketing at ATAS International Inc., explained that the metal trend is likely to grow as people begin to realize the energy efficient and sustainable potentials of this roofing product. According to Bush, “Energy efficiency of the roof assembly is becoming a crucial element with the integration of insulation and underlayment materials … As solar technologies continue to gain market share, metal is the preferred platform for solar systems.”

Re-roofing Your Asphalt Roof

With metal roof increasing in popularity, it’s hard for homeowners with asphalt shingles to resist the temptation and upgrade their roof. After all, metal roofs have been proven to be a viable solution for its exceptional longevity, durability, and aesthetic profiles. Yet, replacing your roof can be expensive. When surveying its members, Angie’s List reports that people pay an average of $11,095 to tear off and replace an old roof in 2014. A more recent survey also showed members averaging about $12,236 for a metal roof installation.

But a comprehensive roofing makeover is not your only way out. When it comes to getting a new roof, homeowners can enjoy a generous saving by putting a new roof right over the old one. This process called re-roofing or overlay is much more affordable. According to Building Design Construction, “reroofing with an overlayment strategy can be the quickest, least expensive, and easiest solution because it eliminates tear-off costs and reduces replacement time.” Typically, homeowners can save approximately 25% or more in their re-roofing job because they will not be paying for felt paper, clean up, and other labor-related costs that are incurred in a full tear-off. As Pro Home Advisor points out, “reroof will cost at least $1,000 less than a tear-off job. Labor savings go beyond demolition: Not having to lay down felt paper saves $10 a square; and site and weather protection, as well as cleanup, are all reduced if not eliminated.”

It’s Never Too Late

Re-roofing is an economic option that involves less money, liability, and time. When you re-roof with metal, you can be assured that the new roof you have will last you more than five decades with minimal maintenance. So instead of replacing your asphalt roof at a great cost, why not re-roof with metal today?

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