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Is Your Home Ready to Withstand Hurricane-Like Winds?

May 31, 2023

Is Your Home Ready to Withstand Hurricane-Like Winds?

Is Your Home Ready to Withstand Hurricane-Like Winds

Have you received the chilling news that a hurricane is expected to make landfall close to where you live? Are Hurricane Warnings leaving you with gut-wrenching fear? Are you concerned your home is not ready to endure everything Mother Nature can throw at it? Have no fear at all, here is a comprehensive guide of the steps you can take to secure your home and protect your dwelling from the rigors from any tempest that comes ashore. Here are three practical tips to follow:

1) Ensure Gutters Are Secure

According to LeafFilter, if gutters are more than 15 years old, they may be fixed and nailed in with a large spike. This approach is called “spike and ferrule”. This style of construction has long since been proven to be a failure and has made gutters all the more vulnerable to failure when heavy snow and ice accumulates in winter months. The same can also be said to be true with the deluge of rains and high winds that often accompany hurricanes and tropical storms as well.

If you have a gutter system comprised of a similar style, it is advised that you make changes immediately. Furthermore, it is suggested all gutters are fixed and secured to fascia board. Gutters which are installed utilizing this form of engineering are proven to endure the rigors heavy precipitation and wind can bring.

2) Invest in Storm Shutters

According to FEMA, storm shutters are a worthy investment. Installing storm shutters over all exposed windows and other glass surfaces is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your home. It is recommended that any owner should cover all windows, sliding gas doors and skylights, essentially any aperture to the home that features glass. There are many varieties of manufactured storm shutters available. For more information on manufactured shutters it is advised to check with any local building supplies retailer. To maximize performance it is championed that the owner adheres stringently to each and every instruction provided.

3) Check Roof Shingles

This is typically one of the greatest areas of trouble we see many homeowners face if they find themselves in the path of an oncoming storm. Shingles that are torn or removed completely can compromise the integrity of any home, thus exposing wiring and framing to the harsh elements. Shingles in a poor state also allow water to infiltrate the structure itself, resulting in a host of prominent issues and matters.

In the case of shingles that are in close confines to any gutter system, this does not allow for water to naturally flow into gutters, collect and drain. In addition, shingles that are not secure in place can be flung like projectiles by the gale force winds that are almost always found in hurricanes presenting a whole new level of danger. In the event you notice any deterioration or damage to any roofing shingles, call a roof specialist immediately for an evaluation to prevent these items from adding another level of peril when a hurricane makes landfall.

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