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Major Differences Between Replacement Windows & New Construction Windows

May 31, 2023

Major Differences Between Replacement Windows & New Construction Windows

Major Differences Between Replacement Windows & New Construction Windows

Windows. They are beautiful and attractive, and they often complement a room in your home: bedroom, kitchen, living room. Regardless how strong your windows may be, there will come a time when you need to replace the eyes of your home and give them a 20/20 vision all over again.

If you are planning to replace your current windows, then it’s probably best for you to start “window shopping” right away. The window market offers a plethora of options, ranging from the elegant bow windows to the traditional double hung. Knowing your budget and design taste is important to making an informed purchase decision. However, before you dive into the world of window styles, you need to decide whether you’ll be using replacement windows or new construction windows. We’re going to help you to make the big decision.

Introducing the Two Types of Windows: Replacement & New Construction

It’s okay to feel a tad overwhelmed by the different names/terms window providers. Fortunately for you, replacement and new construction windows are pretty straightforward. Choosing one over the other has a lot to do with your renovation need and budget. After all, both options offer virtually the same window styles and customization options, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on your favorite window solution or color.

What are New Construction Windows?

The name may be misleading. Just to clarify, new construction windows do not refer to windows that are freshly made from manufacturers. Instead, the name refers to the condition this window type will be used: when new construction is in progress. As Guild Quality explains, new construction windows are always used on a brand new home (or a new construction). When a home is being built or undergoing major renovation/remodeling, the studs of the home are exposed, making it possible to fit the window right into the frame. This is why all new construction windows come with nailing fins. The fins help to fasten the window in place to ensure that the installation is both airtight and waterproof.

What are Replacement Windows?

Unlike new construction windows that often come into play whenever the walls around your house are being torn apart, the circumstances that warrant a replacement window are less dramatic. Replacement windows are employed when you need a new window. They are specially ordered to fit the existing window opening perfectly. Because replacement windows can be easily installed from the inside of the home without incurring any damage to the wall, siding, or window trim, the installation process is usually quicker and less invasive. As a result, replacement windows are generally cheaper than new construction ones.

Making “The Decision”

Deciding between new construction windows and replacement windows all boils down to your personal need. Namely, does your project involve major renovation and the removal of exterior materials of a home? If you’re just replacing old windows, then replacement windows will be your choice. Replacement windows are definitely a more wallet-friendly option. Although new construction windows may appear cheaper in the store, the cost of construction, installation, and replacing will undoubtedly drive your cost by 50 to 100%. Unless you’re ready to remodel your house from inside and out, replacement windows are usually the safe answer to your window dilemma.

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