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Make your metal roofing stand out with the right color

May 31, 2023

Make your metal roofing stand out with the right color

Metal roof design can be one of the most exciting projects that homeowners can undertake. From the unique material to its many available colors, it’s a large exterior feature that neighbors and passersby won’t miss, so assess your options before fully committing!

Work with the exterior
Figure out the color template you should look at based on the overall neighborhood design, then turn an artistic eye toward your home’s exterior. What color is your siding? Do you want to carry that color in a different shade onto your roofing? Or perhaps your door and window frames add an exciting splash of color to an otherwise neutral siding color. Would you like to use that same hue on your roofing? Alternatively, you can introduce a new color altogether on your roofing, ensuring that everyone notices.

If you decide to expand on your siding color, look for one that’s noticeably darker or lighter. Otherwise, your home may look flat due to the lack of variation. Adopting the same fun shades from your door and window frames means that you’re expanding on an existing color – by a lot. If it’s a highly noticeable color, you may want to reconsider the visual implication. However, if it’s one that’s related to other hues in the neighborhood, your roof can stand out and fit in at the same time.

Incorporating a color that doesn’t already exist on your home’s exterior is doable, but should be carefully considered. Look at the architectural style of your house and conduct some research for inspiration. You might come across a shade that you hadn’t even thought of!

Go with lighter hues
If you live in a warmer climate, your home may benefit from a lighter color that better reflects sunlight. Whether this means going with a cool shade of blue or a soft gray, you won’t have to worry about compromising style for function.

Consider darker colors
On the other hand, if your home is located in a region that doesn’t have long summers, such as the tri-state area, look into the sophistication of darker colors. These striking hues will ensure that your home is one of the classiest ones on the block.

Look into metallic tints
Why cover up your quality roofing with flat colors if you can take advantage of metallic tints? Show off your house’s new feature with a copper finish. It’s unlikely that your neighbors can boast this color, so make your home unique!

Decorate accordingly
Whether you’re using an existing color or introducing a new one with your metal roofing, expand on it by incorporating other design elements that use similar hues. There’s an endless array of exterior decor, from patio furniture to wall art. Doing this will create a more cohesive theme for your entire home.

If you’re unsure of which colors you should go with, speak to your metal roofing contractor to find out the most popular colors. Furthermore, these experts can help you with the functional aspects that different colors can offer, ensuring that you get the most out of your new metal roof.

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