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Marvin Integrity’s AAMA 624-10 Certification

May 31, 2023

Marvin Integrity’s AAMA 624-10 Certification and What that Means for homeowners

Marvin integrity windows are made with a pultruded fiberglass which is actually as strong as steel. So when it comes to choosing a strong window, this is obviously an ideal choice. But what exactly is the AAMA 624-10 certification and what does that mean for homeowners who buy Marvin Integrity windows.

What does the AAMA 624-10 Certification Actually Mean?

Most windows have their AAMA 623-10 certification, which is pretty standard. Since the Marvin Integrity window has 624-10 certification, what makes it different?

With this certification, Marvin Integrity windows will see a boost to the following::

  • Outdoor weathering and eroding in the first 5 years

  • Chalking resistance

  • Color and gloss retention after 5 years

  • Humidity resistance

The big difference is that Marvin Integrity windows are tested to have a “high-performance” coating.

What Advantages will a High-Performance Coated Window bring a Homeowners?

Well, we know a lot of the common issues seen with vinyl and wood windows; warping, cracking, color loss, lower energy efficiency, etc. So over time your windows will lose it’s aesthetics and begin to fail as moisture and air is able to find their way into the cracks.

Marvin Integrity windows are tougher and more resilient to all of the above. This means that your exterior finish won’t lose its color from erosion or weathering and it also won’t fade in the sun. There will be virtually no change in the window for the first 5 years and that’s with southern Florida conditions. In the NJ and PA area where the conditions aren’t entirely as harsh, the Marvin Integrity window could last much longer. This could also mean much less maintenance because of the increased performance.

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