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Metal roofs exceed New Jersey shore wind ratings

May 31, 2023

Metal roofs exceed New Jersey shore wind ratings

There are a lot of regional reasons to get a metal roof. If you live in the American Southwest or another hot climate, metal roofing can help keep down energy costs in your home and even reduce roof surface temperatures by 100 degrees! If you live in a tree-filled geographic region prone to forest fires, metal roofing can provide the inflammable protection you need to keep your house standing during even the most nightmarish of situations. Metal roofing even holds up well against blizzards and heavy snowfall, provided you’ve got the right design and features.

But one of the standout traits of standing seam metal roofing, in particular, is its astounding wind resistance. This can be great in locations like Florida, where hurricane force winds are expected. But where it’s equally important but potentially undervalued is along other parts of the coast, where real storms don’t show up quite as often, and thus wreak further devastation as a result. If you live on the upper East Coast along the Jersey shore, you may not think you need hurricane resistant features on your home, but metal roofing can offer you that peace of mind and even more.

Combine good looks with guaranteed safety
According to the experts at Metal Roof NJ

, the Garden State’s shore is 127 miles of Atlantic coastline along with 83 miles along the Raritan Bay and Delaware Bay. Approximately every decade, major hurricanes approach the coastline, often causing significant damage to homes. One of the best ways to begin weatherproofing your house against the ravages of one of these storms is investing in the right standing seam or metal shingle roofing. These roofs don’t just meet New Jersey shore approval, they’re Miami-Dade county certified for wind rating in coastal environments.

You can read more about New Jersey wind speed considerations by county at the state website, but rest assured, your new metal roof is up to the challenge. In fact, it carries a warranty against category 3 winds.

But more than that, your new roof will look great. Metal roofing has come a long way over the years, and if you’re imagining a tin hat atop your house you’re picturing things all wrong. Want traditional for your historic Victorian or New England colonial home? Stick to stone-coated steel shingles, which offer an iconic look with premium protection. Feel a bit more daring and modern? Standing seam provides the perfect complementary contrast for older homes, giving a sleek look to modern and contemporary abodes. Standing seam metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors, from the bright and vibrant to the subdued and traditional. Of course, the right coloring might also help you reduce cooling costs in the summer – which could enlist you and your roof for a tax credit from the federal government!

With metal roofing, your home will be ready for any weather the Jersey shore has to throw at it. Plus, considering metal roofing’s longevity, it can stand up to hurricane winds decades into the future, ensuring that this is not a short-sighted renovation – it’s a timely investment.

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