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Modernize your bathroom with a bath to shower conversion

May 31, 2023

Modernize your bathroom with a bath to shower conversion

If you’re looking to modernize the decor of your house, there’s no better place to start than your bathroom. Many bathroom remodeling projects begin with a bath to shower conversion. Dated bathtubs can be renovated into contemporary-looking showers, giving your bathroom the innovative appearance it deserves.

Consider converting to a walk-in shower
A bath to shower conversion can replace your outdated bathtub with a stunning new walk-in shower. Walk-in showers can add a new sense of space to your bathroom that large bathtubs do not allow. In addition, a clear shower door helps to create a lighter atmosphere in your bathroom. A walk-in shower is the perfect installation to make your bathroom more modern looking than ever before.

Customize your new shower
One of the most exciting aspects of a bath to shower conversion is that you have the ability to select the shower design that will best suit your personal decor preferences. For the greatest level of customization, consider having an acrylic shower installed.

Acrylic showers can be constructed to the custom shape and size to perfectly match the dimensions of your bathroom. You can select from a variety of colors for your acrylic shower, and the colors are embedded through the acrylic rather than painted on. You won’t have to worry about chipped or uneven paint taking away from the elegance of your bathroom.

While acrylic may resemble glass, its unique properties make it superior to glass in a number of ways. For one, acrylic is much stronger than glass, making it a safer option. Acrylic showers have a non-porous surface that prevents scratching or cracking from marring its beautiful appearance. The surface of acrylic is colorfast, so it won’t yellow like other shower materials often do.

Reach out to your local bathroom contractors today to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Even if you decide that you prefer to have a bathtub, they can still guide you in replacing your bathtub or selecting a new bathtub overlay. Acrylic bathtubs can light up a bathroom just as beautifully as acrylic showers can. Whatever bathroom remodeling ideas you have in mind, acrylic is always a good option to keep in mind.

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