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Replacing Drafty Windows on a Budget

May 31, 2023

Replacing Drafty Windows on a Budget

Drafty windows are a relatively common problem resulting from a broken seal, cracks in or around the frame, etc. When you have a drafty window, it makes the room uncomfortable to be in and more costly to maintain stable temperatures. Of course you have cheaper quick, temporary fixes, but those windows need to be replaced, especially before the coming summer or winter. Windows aren’t cheap, so let’s talk about how do replace your windows on a budget.

Installing GlobalTech Vinyl Windows on a Budget

The main costs come from the type of windows you use. Vinyl is very affordable and versatile and when installed by professionals, vinyl windows will last quite a while with great performance.

Aside from their lower cost, they’re more durable than options like wood or aluminum with a pretty solid selection of designs. We’ve done a lot of vinyl window installs on gorgeous houses that needed special shapes or vinyl with boosted energy efficiency options.

Vinyl sometimes gets a bad image because compared to fiberglass, the quality isn’t as outstanding. Fiberglass is a lot stronger and longer lasting, but the cost is higher. Vinyl beats it on price and that’s really what it comes down to.

Our GlobalTech vinyl windows are stronger than other vinyl windows because we use higher quality vinyl. This means you can rest assured you’re getting a great window at a low price.

If you have drafty windows and need to explore your options for or if you’d like to learn more about financing for a window replacement, give our experts a call today.


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