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Smart Alternatives to Asphalt Roofing to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

May 31, 2023

Smart Alternatives to Asphalt Roofing to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Smart Alternatives to Asphalt Roofing to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

As one of the most common roofing materials in the United States, asphalt shingles are widely selected for their affordable upfront cost and curb appeal. While homeowners may appreciate shingle roofs for their cosmetic and economic benefits, they are also tired of repairing and replacing their roof on a regular basis. The unfortunate truth is that most shingle roofs do not live for more than two decades. Even with great care and upkeep, asphalt shingles will need to be replaced every 20 or 25 years. As a material that is susceptible to severe thermal expansion and contraction and other natural hazards, it is common for asphalt shingles to curl, chip, crack, or even loosen due to harsh climate and inclement weather conditions.

Finding a New Roof to Change Your Fate

No one wants a leaky roof. A roof with loose or missing shingles can expose your deck and home to elements, rain, and sun. The damage may incur hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This is why homeowners should stop investing in asphalt shingles and find another roofing alternative that promises a greater return on investment. Of all the roofing possibilities on the market, metal and solar are two great options worth exploration.

Metal Roofs: Your Robust Roofing Solution in Action

Contrary to myths that accuse metal roofs as ugly, loud, and prone to lightning strikes, those with a better understanding of this roofing product will realize the great potentials and rewards a metal roof can offer. Available in hundreds of styles, designs, and colors, metal roofs are no louder than a typical shingle roof. They do not draw lightning, while their superior durability has enabled them to last two to three times longer than its shingle counterpart. Some common metal roof styles are:

  • Metal Shingles
  • Metal Slate
  • Metal Shake

Metal can successfully emulate any of the above styles to give you a roof that has the beauty of wood or shingles and the amazing performance of metal. Additionally, the malleable characteristic of metal also allows it to be customized to satisfy buildings with a low-pitched roof or a historic flair. When it comes to return on investment, metal roofs can save you up to 40% in cooling costs. They will also protect your home from inclement weathers and wind that travels up to 140 mph.

Solar Roofs: Another Energy Efficient Roof

Along with a metal roof, solar roofs also promise an efficient performance that includes reducing your utility bills and promoting energy security. As a sustainable roofing choice, solar roofs use the power of the sun to produce electricity and keep your carbon footprint down. Ultimately, you don’t need to stay with an asphalt roof forever. Metal and solar roofs both offer great return on investment to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Be bold and take control of your hard earning money by investing in a roof that can work efficiently for many years to come.

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