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Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture Window Benefits

May 31, 2023

The Benefits of a Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture Window

Picture windows bring tons of pros and cons to the table. For one, they let tons of light in, which on the flip side, could mean they let more heat in. They are also easy to clean and provide a view but doesn’t offer the ventilation options that a double-hung or casement would offer.

I want to talk a little bit about how the Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture window offers all of the benefits without the downsides of most picture windows.

Marvin’s Venting Picture Window

First, we should look at how Marvins’ Venting Picture Window combats the common negatives we see with fixed windows. Typically, picture windows don’t allow for any ventilation and because they let more light in, they can let more heat in.

The venting picture window opens evenly on all sides, allowing for passive air exchange. This means that when working with other windows, your home can get a significant boost to its ventilation.

Marvin also offer high-performance, insulated glass, helping to prevent heat from passing through the window. This is important, especially for larger picture windows. The standard Low E2 resists about 84% of harmful UV rays and with stronger options available, I wouldn’t worry too much about heat transferring into your home. With a larger window, you might even see a boost to your energy efficiency in that room.

Picture windows have a place on any home and with the Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture Window, you get all of the pros; the great view, the energy efficiency, the gorgeous design, while also getting the ventilation fixed picture windows don’t allow for.

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