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The Best Brand for a Wall-Sized Window

May 31, 2023

The Best Brand for a Wall-Sized Window

When you’re installing new wall-sized windows or replacing your existing ones, there are a couple of notes to keep in mind. These can actually go for any larger sized window. The quality of the glass and frame are going to play a big part in the lifespan and performance of the window. I’d suggest considering Marvin Infinity windows for the strength, durability, and lifespan. The main points we want to look at is the energy efficiency, the frame, and the glass.

Marvin Windows

The argon insulated glass helps to prevent heat from passing through the glass. So in the winter, your home stays warmer and in the summer, cooler. The fiberglass frame resists warping, expanding, cracking, rotting, etc. This means, unlike vinyl or wood, Marvin’s frame will hold up. When you have windows this size, there is no insulation, so maximum energy efficiency is really important.

You also have the option to amp it up to low E3 glass for even more energy efficiency. Aside from energy efficiency, you have several options for specialty glass, tempered, laminated, sound reducing, etc. This is where preference comes into mind. With wall-sized windows, security can be a potential issue. If something were to break the glass, do you want it to shatter into harmless beads or shatter but stay intact? These aren’t required, just something to consider for your home.

Energy efficiency and security seem to be the bigger concerns with larger and wall-sized windows. Luckily with Marvin’s extensible customizability, you can get that perfect for your window with great performance and a gorgeous view.

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