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The Best Siding for When You’re Remodeling Your Home

May 31, 2023

The Best Siding for When You’re Remodeling Your Home

When you’re remodeling your home, you want to make changes that will be best for your home. This means boosting curb appeal, increasing performance, adding on high-quality parts and pieces, and really giving your home the best you can.

When it comes to new siding, you have a lot of options like wood and vinyl, but wood is susceptible to moisture damage and vinyl is cheap and will crack.

Let’s talk about why James Hardie Fiber Cement products are the best siding option when remodeling your home.

The Benefits of Fiber Cement

Let’s start with the design. What look are you going for, wood lap boards, stucco, shakes? Because James Hardie’s fiber cement can mimic it all. Plus, you have the choice between 23 finishes, so total home customization is within reach when you go with fiber cement products.

We should also dive into performance. James Hardie products are tested to withstand moisture and rot, storms, fire, warping, and cracking, etc. This can’t be said for wood or vinyl. Wood swells up when exposed to moisture and will crack. Vinyl is flimsy and cracks from smaller impacts, especially when in cold weather. This means you’ll get a long-lasting siding with great performance.

If you’re renovating your home and aren’t sure what the best siding option would be, you really can’t go wrong with James Hardie. It’s strong, low-maintenance, and has great performance.

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