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The Ideal Roof for Protection Against Hurricane-Level Weather

May 31, 2023

The Ideal Roof for Protection Against Hurricane-Level Weather

For a lot of homeowners, the durability factor of their roof is the most crucial. You want a roof that will protect your home from just about whatever nature throws at it. For a lot of home, especially at the Jersey Shore, hurricane-level weather is a serious consideration to keep in mind when choosing new roofs.

A lot of asphalt shingle roofs can’t handle those level winds and impacts from branches and such, so it leaves your roof and your home vulnerable. This can then lead to costly repairs down the line, potential for moisture to get, energy efficiency to drop, or the need for a replacement.

For a hurricane-proof roof, metal would be your best call. They’re built for durability and installed for reliability, so you can rest assured your metal roof will hold up for a lifetime, even against harsh weathers. Our standing seam metal roofs are actually tested to withstand hurricane-level winds, intense rains, and impacts from debris during storms. This makes it so appealing for homes at the shore. They’ll also resist the salty climate while boosting your home’s energy efficiency as well.

For a roof durable enough to protect your home from hurricane weather and still last for decades, a metal roof is definitely your most reliable option, especially over asphalt shingles.

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