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Things to Remember when Worried About the Cost of a Window Replacement

May 31, 2023

Things to Remember when Worried About the Cost of a Window Replacement

Replacing the windows in your home is a big, costly project and it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable before starting. Though putting the project off won’t actually solve any of the problems your existing, failing windows are causing, I want to talk about a couple of ways to help make the project a little less intimidating.

You can break the project it into smaller pieces

One of the best ways to take on a big window project is to break it down into a couple of smaller projects. This gives you a way to improve your home in bursts and give yourself some time to save up a comfortable amount to pay for the next round.

The first step would be to look at the major problem you’re having with your windows. Maybe just a few are failing but you want to replace them all. If this is the case, the obvious answer is to replace the failing windows first. This will help eliminate the major problems you’re having and give you some time to recoup for taking on the rest.

If all of your windows are failing and you just need to determine where to start, start with the rooms where you spend the most time in. One symptom of a failing window is a draft, which could make a room uncomfortable because it’s harder to keep a steady temperature. So you could try tackling room by room, starting with bedrooms, living rooms, etc. This is another solid way to break the project into smaller increments giving yourself time to recharge.

It’s an investment that will save you long term

Sometimes all it takes to get comfortable with the investment is to remember that it is an investment. Think of it like this; Marvin Infinity’s fiberglass windows last years longer than wood or vinyl, resist cracking and warping, and use insulated glass. So not only will they last for decades, they will also help insulate the house, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

It’s hard to see when you’re about to drop a downpayment on new windows, but they definitely do pay for themselves over time.

To conclude

Replacing your windows isn’t a cheap venture and it does take some time, so it’s totally normal to be a little hesitant before going through with the project. Just remember you can always break the project into smaller pieces to make it easier to take on, and keep in mind that higher quality windows will eventually pay for themselves.

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