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What is Solar Thin Film Metal and What are Its Benefits?

May 31, 2023

What is Solar Thin Film Metal and What are Its Benefits?

What is Solar Thin Film Metal and What are Its Benefits?

Energy efficiency is important. We know that, and it’s something people like to talk about all the time. For homeowners, conversations about energy efficiency probably revolve around cutting back on cooling and heating costs, insulating our homes, and getting better roofing and window materials. While all these are great steps toward a responsible and sustainable lifestyle, what homeowners need to consider is solar thin film metal.

Don’t Just Go Solar, Try Solar Thin Film Metal

You’ve probably heard of solar panels and all their amazing benefits. As one of the forefront solutions for renewable energy, solar panels take one of the most abundant natural resources — sun rays — and convert them into energy for heating and electricity. According to Solar Energy At Home, going solar has many benefits. It reduces green gas emission, lowers your utility payment, and helps homeowners to gain energy independence. However, like all goods and products on the market, not everything is created equal. The same applies to solar panels, too.

What is Solar Thin Film Metal?

If you are looking for the best solar panel solutions, then solar thin film metal is definitely your go-to option. Solar thin film is probably the most upgraded, innovative solar panel solution on the market. Made with thin layers of photovoltaic materials on a substrate (like plastic, metal, or glass), solar thin film metal can be easily installed on your roof without a single penetration. As Metal Roofing explains, the traditional way of installing heavy crystalline solar panels on top of the roof creates devastating effects. When installed on an asphalt shingle roof, crystalline solar panels “increase the likelihood of premature roof leaks down the road, and further shorten the already-too-short lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof.

Not so with solar thin film metal! Solar thin film metal is the combination of using lightweight solar film on a strong, durable metal roof. Instead of driving nails through your roofs, solar thin film metal can be seamlessly integrated in your metal roofing system using a heavy-duty adhesive.

Solar Thin Film Metal

Solar thin film metal eliminates the challenges of traditional crystalline solar panels by avoiding penetrating and damaging your roof. As Mother Earth News also finds, thin film sheets perform better in high temperatures and partially shaded environments. “They require 100 times less silicon, which means thin-film PV is expected to become less expensive than crystalline as production capacity expands over the next few years.By combining metal roofing with the innovative solar thin film metal, you are set to have a super green roof that is 100% recyclable, demonstrates exceptional longevity, and utilizes renewable energy to its maximum.

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