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What is Stucco Remediation and When to Consider Installing It?

May 31, 2023

What is Stucco Remediation and When to Consider Installing It?

What is Stucco Remediation


Some homes are simply built to last and you may find yourself thinking that your home is impervious to the invading force of mold and moisture. If you are a stucco homeowner, your abode is protected by an aesthetically-pleasing agent that serves as a stalwart against moisture intrusion. Nevertheless, no home is impervious to such an event.

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However, there is no need to be concerned because there is a innovative procedure to combat the onslaught of vaporous adversaries: stucco remediation. Stucco remediation is a touch-up of your stucco and assuring the shell and all its contents are functioning properly. While the procedure may seem painstaking or daunting, it can yield great dividends. Before moving forward with this project, here are a few considerations worth making:

1) Enhanced Moisture or Mold?

The number one tell-tale sign you might need stucco remediation is if you begin to notice moisture developing in your ceilings or mold deposits in your walls. According to Hellers Building, the tiniest of cracks in the façade of a home can result in moisture coming in, which can proliferate these issues even further. Noticing these emergences may actually be indicators of a problem much larger than it seems. It is imperative to call an appropriate contractor if you notice an enhancement in moisture or detect mold.

2) Durability and Age

With all products, home related or otherwise, age plays a huge factor. This facet is no different for stucco. If you are moving into a stucco home, it is prudential to inquire of the age of the integrity and foundation of the home and learn of any previous improvement projects. Chances are if the façade remains unabated for longer periods of time, it will eventually begin to fade and wear and the household problems to occur are more likely to come in to the picture. Routine check-ups never hurt and even if there are no signs of wear and tear, a stucco remediation never hurts for more aged facades.

3) Absorption Increases 

If you notice absorption is more frequent, then an investigation into this matter may be required. Stucco is a highly-resistant cement product that is more resistant to water than wood or linoleum. Stucco can withstand water for fifteen seconds, if you begin to notice that this is not the case on some of the areas of your façade, this is a sign that the material itself may be compromised. In many instances, repairers may elect to clad the region with some more stucco. However, according to Guzzo Stucco, there may be a larger underlying issue. Relying on caulks and sealants may not serve to be a long-term solution, instead it may be most beneficial to consider a stucco remediation to ensure all areas are sewn up at the same time. Additionally, this will be more cost effective long-term as caulk and sealants do cost money to apply and acquire.

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