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Which ATAS metal roofing style is right for you?

May 31, 2023

Which ATAS metal roofing style is right for you?

Given the long list of benefits of metal roofing and the various styles of metal shingle available, it’s worth every New Jersey homeowner’s time to look into a metal roof installation. It doesn’t matter if your home has a contemporary or traditional appearance – there’s a metal roofing style that’s right for it. And there’s no better metal roofing manufacturer than ATAS.

Unlike standard roofing panels, ATAS shingles are made of extremely durable Aluminum or Galvanize Steel. These materials will keep your metal roof resistant to rusting, rotting and corrosion. And the variety of shingle styles available provides for the perfect aesthetic solution for any type of home.

Advanta metal shingles
If you’re looking to put a contemporary spin on traditional roofing shingles, Advanta metal shingles are the choice for you. These shingles have concealed fasteners and a four-way interlock system, creating the ultimate weather-tight panels. They look great on both commercial and residential buildings, and can also be an ideal fit for walls and mansard roofs. Advanta metal shingles come with a complete line of trims, which can be customized in matching colors, gauge and finish to allow for the metal roof design that best matches your home decor.

CastleTop metal shingles
CastleTop metal shingles are uniquely designed with diamond-shaped flat metal tiles. This appearance is reminiscent of vintage style roofs, only CastleTop shingles are environmentally-friendly and asbestos-free. Homeowners seeking a more historic look can do no better than these metal shingles. Customize these shingles in complementary color patterns to create an eye-catching roofing design. Choose from 30 color options to find the pattern to best match your home’s distinct personality. And if you need further convincing, keep in mind that CastleTop metal roofing is eligible for a $1,500 tax credit.

Permashake simulated shake
Homeowners who want to give their home a contemporary feel may be drawn to the wood-grained style of ATAS Permashake shingles. These shingles combine the popular look of wood shingles with the benefits of metal roofing. Unlike wood roofing panels, metal shake panels do not warp, discolor, crack or grow mold. The durability of these shingles is unmatched, giving your roof a permanently beautiful appearance with little to no maintenance required. Select from unique colors like Smokey Mountain Grey and Carolina Pine Green to make your home stand out from those of the rest of the block.

When it comes to durability, elegance and customization options, ATAS is the best alternative roofing manufacturer around. Lightweight and long-lasting, ATAS shingles are an ideal roofing option for any type of home or commercial building. But you don’t want to try to install them on your own. It’s important that you have a professional contractor set up these shingles properly, giving your home the rugged protection it deserves. Reach out to your local New Jersey metal roof contractor today to get started on having your dream shingles installed.

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