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Which Roof is the Most Rain Resistant?

May 31, 2023

Which Roof is the Most Rain Resistant?

One of the worst things that can happen to your roof is moisture damage. Imagine you pay tens of thousands for a brand new, gorgeous roof and after a couple of years, you notice leaks. These leaks turn to mold growth and now there are health hazards, wood is rotting away, and you have a costly replacement coming your way.

We’ve replaced tons of asphalt shingle roofs that haven’t been installed properly and some slate roofs that let water into the home. Mor maximum rain protection, we recommend installing a metal roof.

Each metal roof we install, our experienced installers ensure perfect performance by crafting custom flashing for your roof’s vulnerable points and creating custom water management systems based on the roof’s shape. We also use high-quality moisture barriers under the metal to protect the wood underneath. The home’s we work on see virtually no moisture issues down the line.

The difference between a leaky roof and an efficient roof can also be the quality of the installers. We see all to often homeowners getting rushed roofs with low-quality flashing and these roofs will fail very quickly. That’s what makes Global Home Improvement different. We build high-quality roofs that last decades.

Are you thinking about installing a new metal roof? We have experience with tons of metal roof styles like standing seam and steel slate. Give our experts a call today for a totally free quote or to set up a time to see some samples.

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