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Which Siding Option Offers the Most Protection From Hurricane-Like Weather?

May 31, 2023

Which Siding Option Offers the Most Protection From Hurricane-Like Weather?

When it comes to your siding’s ability to protect your home from hurricane-level weather, we have to take under consideration a few key factors. Aside from the quality of the installers, we need to look at the material’s durability, resistance to strong winds and moisture, and ability to resist damage from impacts from flying debris.

Siding options like wood and vinyl won’t hold up because vinyl cracks easily and won’t offer much durability and wood swells and cracks when exposed to moisture, so you might see some rot and mold forming after the storm. Even stucco is susceptible to water damage and can crack, so just one storm could lead to costly replacements and repairs down the line.

The best siding option for protecting your home against hurricane-level weather would be James Hardie fiber cement products. The durability is unmatched and fiber cement naturally resists warping, cracking, and rotting, so you won’t see that water damage accumulate after the hurricane.

It’s also important to note that aside from being waterproof, Hardie Planks are fireproof. Thinking through all scenarios, downed power lines or power surges, you’ll want a siding option that won’t catch fire or combust, making fiber cement the best and safest option.

James Hardie fiber cement products are your best bet for protecting your home from hurricanes for tons of reasons, from its water and fire resistance to it’s unmatched durability. To learn more or get a totally free estimate on your hurricane-proof fiber cement siding, give our experts a call today.

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