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Why do Vinyl and Wood windows Become Hard to Open?

May 31, 2023

Why do Vinyl and Wood windows Become Hard to Open?

It’s not uncommon to experience difficulty opening your wood or vinyl windows at some point. Typically after so many years, there comes a point where you notice it’s getting increasingly difficult to open and close your sash.

This could happen for a couple of reasons. Let’s touch on some of them and the best way to prevent this in the future.

The Causes

There are a number of possible reasons your vinyl or wood windows are difficult to operate. For one, they made have excessive dirt and dust build up, causing more friction, and making it difficult to open and close the window. Luckily, if this is the case, fixing this issue could be as easy as cleaning up any debris and dust that’s accumulated. Ideally, this should help the window open a little bit smoother.

One popular issue we see pretty often with wood and vinyl windows is that they expand, contract, and swell when exposed to cold and hot air and moisture. Aside from creating the potential for drafts and seal failure, when vinyl and wood expands or swells, it makes it much more difficult to move the sash.

The best way to Prevent Difficult Operation

The problem is, with wood and vinyl windows, seeing these issues are inevitable. The best way to prevent it is to upgrade your window to a fiberglass frame.

Marvin Infinity’s extruded fiberglass frame resists expansion, making operation easy and smooth for the life of the window. Marvins fiberglass window is 8x stronger than vinyl, and it shows with it’s lifespan and continued smooth operation.

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