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Why Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Great for Mansard Roofs

May 31, 2023

Why Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Great for Mansard Roofs

Mansard roofs play a big role in historic homes and modern homes. They have their charm but they also come with their own sets of problems for homeowners as well.

For example, the flatter, upper slope of the roof tends to make drainage difficult, catching water and snow. This leads to leaks and water damage for a lot of homes with this style roof, especially when their roofs aren’t being installed with best practices.

The Mansard Roof also isn’t the best for resisting extreme weather conditions. Storms can blow debris to the flat part of the roof, causing damage and long-term issues. They tend to require a bit of maintenance.

Standing Seam Metal Roof on Mansard Roof

How Standing Seam Metal Roofs can Help Your Mansard Roof

Standing seam metal roofs will bring a couple of benefits to your Mansard Roof. For one, the design adds to the charm of your roof. It adds a contemporary look to a traditional-looking home.

We also need to look at the metal roofs durability and efficiency in removed snow and water from your roof. We use best practices when crafting eves, rakes, and custom flashing. This all helps to create a custom, efficient water management system, eliminating the risk of leaks. And because our standing seam metal roofs are so durable, they will last for a lifetime, providing your home a boost to energy efficiency, the most protection a roof can, and giving your home an amazing curb appeal for decades.

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