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Final Review of Global Home Improvement Roof Job by Tim Drager 22 February, 2019 "Arctic Goats" It was minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and the workers of Global Home Improvement were on my roof in early February. The wind chill was -20 degrees, yet the workers stripped the old shingles off with alacrity. I asked them if they wanted to come into the house to get warm and they said "No, we're fine, we're from the arctic! We're used to this!" I believe it. Words cannot describe the dedication and determination these workers have. The last night of the roof installation, they worked in the dark until 8PM, finishing up the roof wearing headlamps. During the roof installation, our RV got stuck in the mud. One of the workers volunteered to tow us out with a van. I declined because I have tow service from my insurance company, but it was so nice to ask. PROS Beautiful slate blue roof, ridge vents, soffit, fascia gutters and downspouts. It's everything I dreamed it would be. Dedicated, hard-working all-weather workers with character. Fast and efficient roof, soffit, fascia, gutter and downspout installation. Took about 12 full work days. Up to six workers were on-site. Excellent craftsmanship. Extraordinary metal smithing. High-quality materials. E.g. 26 gauge metal and 40 mil roof underlayment. Polite workers, project manager and billing manager. Exceeded expectations when working with my solar contractor and installing solar roof penetrations to assure a leak-proof roof. CONS The salesman assured me that the new soffit ventilation system would correct the roof underlayment moisture problem. The new ridge vents look great. However, to provide proper air flow, the old gable vents need to be blocked in order for the new soffit-ridge vent system's air flow to work properly. Gable vents will disrupt smooth airflow from the soffit to the ridge vent. I need to crawl into my attic and block the old gable vents, then look for evidence the air is flowing properly on a sunny day. Time will tell. Smoking on the job. Cigarette butts in yard. Workers could have taken smoke breaks at their vehicle. Damaged bike tire. Missed some sharp objects in the driveway. Upon close inspection, some standing metal seams look imperfect due to hand seaming. I am sure they are still water-tight. Then again, I may be too picky since I work on aircraft sheet metal. Since Global is a professional company, I expected 100% flawless seams. Where the little electric seaming machine was used, the seams are beautiful. Left some 6 inch tire-mud ruts in the yard. Could have communicated this and tamped down the divots. Granted, the ground was quite muddy in February. Recommend using a tamper to level the ruts made by Global and the dumpster company. Don't let the number of CONs make you think that I would not recommend Global because the PROS dominate the experience. Global is the best! And I would highly recommend them to friends and family. Their dedication is inspiring.

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